Mr. Tuna Bocato




• Three 80g cans of Tuna in water

• Onion

• Pitted Black Olives

• Lettuce

• Tomato

• One Boiled Egg

• Bread





Wash the tomato and the lettuce and drain the water. Cut up the onion, peal the boiled egg and slice it, be careful not to break it. Repeat the same process with the pitted black olives. Cut the bread in two halves and put the lettuce on the top of one half, add a few tomato slices. After draining the tuna mix it with the onion and add it to the sandwich. Then make the Mr. Bocato Eyes by placing first the egg and then some olives on its top.  

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Calvo Products

Calvo Products

Calvo tuna is the result of over 70 years of experience in selecting and preparing the best tuna. Calvo uses onlythetastiest part of the tuna, the tenderloin, so you can enjoy a unique flavor and texture.

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